New articles in Journal of Scientific Exploration and The Oxfordian

My new research paper, The Queen’s Favorite Unknown Dramatist, has been published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration 2023 (volume 37, no. 2). In the journal’s special issue devoted to the Shakespeare Authorship Question, my paper explores the possibility of eighteen Shakespeare plays performed before Queen Elizabeth I but under titles different to the ones … [Read more…]

First Folio Fraud

See my video about the fraud in Shakespeare’s First Folio, as presented at the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship’s zoom conference, April 2022.

My new article in “The Oxfordian,” and interview on “Don’t Quill the Messenger”

The newly released Oxfordian journal, The Oxfordian, vol. 23, has been released, with 372 pages. See my article on the relation between Shakespeare’s character, Lord Prospero, Duke of Milan, in The Tempest, and Lord Prospero Visconti of Milan (born 1543/4, died 1592). Available on   On the “Don’t Quill the Messanger” podcast (May 26, … [Read more…]

My SOF conference talk and more interviews

My zoom talk about a newly discovered portrait of Lady Mary Vere, sister to Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, for the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Conference 2021\    My zoom interview with Ramona Scott on her show, “Ramona speaks the other truth,” with Mark “the Knave” Eddy:   Barbara DeLong’s show, Night-Light, with … [Read more…]

Latest podcast

Everything Imaginable with Gary Cocciolillo, July 2021

Shakespeare Suppressed, 2nd edition (2016)

The second printed edition of Shakespeare Suppressed is now available. The list price for the new 2016 edition is $29.50. Order through Amazon (starting 11-21-16) or Faire Editions (see contact page). If you’d like to request Shakespeare Suppressed for your local library, just give the librarian the ISBN number, 9780982940556. Thank you for your support!

Thumbs up, The Midwest Book Review

Reviewer Susan Bethany of The Midwest Book Review (Feb. 2013) recommends Shakespeare Suppressed, “a must for history and literary studies collections … “

SS Review, The Brooklyn Rail

William S. Niederkorn of The Brooklyn Rail (Critical Perspectives on Arts, Politics, And Culture) includes Shakespeare Suppressed in his review of recent Anti-Stratfordian books. Regarding the Stratford Man’s tomb and the First Folio, Niederkorn notes that Chiljan’s book “provides detailed reinterpretations of the data and projects scenarios that portray fraud at work in both instances.” … [Read more…]

Distinguished Scholarship Award for Chiljan, April 2012

Prof. Daniel Wright of Concordia University has recently announced that Chiljan will receive the Vero Nihil Verius Award for Distinguished Scholarship in 2012. She will receive the award, along with Prof. Roger Stritmatter and Lynne Kositsky, during the Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference at the university’s Portland, Oregon campus (April 12-14).