Table of Contents

Shakespeare Suppressed


List of Terms

Part I

Shakespeare: Greatness and Great Problems

1. Literary Supreme, Supreme Literary Mystery
2. Mess of Genius: Shakespeare’s Early Printed Texts
3. Shakespeare Problems the Professor Still Cannot Solve
4. The Sonnets and Other Puzzle-Poems

Part II

The Stratford Man as Shakespeare, Lifetime: the Professor’s Evidence

5. The “Stratford Man”: The Faith-based Favorite
6. The “upstart Crow” and the Stratford Man: No Relation
7. Upstart Crow Uproar, and a Few Hostile Witnesses

Part III

The Stratford Man as Shakespeare, Posthumous: the Professor’s Evidence

8. The First Folio Fraud
9. A Pembroke and Jonson Production
10. The Stratford Monument: Ruse and Reincarnation
11. Folio Feedback

Part IV

The Real Stratford Man and the Real Shakespeare

12. Portrayals of the Stratford Man in Contemporary Comedies (1598 – 1601)
13. The Great Author’s Portrayal of the Stratford Man
14. Shakespeare Satirized: Willobie His Avisa (1594)
15. Overlooked Commentary about Shakespeare by his Contemporaries (1589 – 1614)

Part V

Conjectures and Dares

16. The Deliberate Mix-up: the Great Author with the Stratford Man. Why?
17. “Simple Truth Suppress’d”: a Unified Solution
18. Dare the Shakespeare Professor


A. 93 “Too Early” Allusions to Shakespeare’s Plays (1562 to 1606)
B. Robert Greene’s Letter to his “Playmaker” Friends in Groats-worth of Wit (1592)
C. Henry Chettle’s letter in Kind-Heart’s Dream (1592)
D. Anonymous Letter to the Reader, Troilus and Cressida (1609)
E. Shakespeare’s Two Poems in Love’s Martyr (1601)
F. Thomas Heywood’s Letter in An Apology for Actors (1612)
G. The First Folio Preface (1623), a Transcription
H. POEMS: WRITTEN BY WIL. SHAKE-SPEARE. Gent. (1640), Prefatory Verses