New articles in Journal of Scientific Exploration and The Oxfordian

My new research paper, The Queen’s Favorite Unknown Dramatist, has been published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration 2023 (volume 37, no. 2). In the journal’s special issue devoted to the Shakespeare Authorship Question, my paper explores the possibility of eighteen Shakespeare plays performed before Queen Elizabeth I but under titles different to the ones we know. Some appeared the 1560s, about thirty years earlier than conventional Shakespeare composition dates. The journal has free access.

Also, The Oxfordian (vol. 25) has just been published with my research on a possibly misattributed portrait of Lady Mary Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford’s sister. “A Portrait of Susan Bertie, or Mary Vere, Shakespeare’s Sister?” is an enlarged version of the online presentation I gave at the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship’s annual conference in 2021. The Oxfordian‘s online version is open to SOF members, and the hard-copy version is available on Amazon.